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Terrain modelling for accurate, affordable and fast results

Terrain Modelling

We have the in-house expertise to combine the worlds of satellite imagery, flat maps and 3D physical terrain models to give you an unmatched superior quality service. Our terrain modeling is created with spectacular rich color imaging that we use for the dimensional surface to make them appear stunning as much as they are rich in informative content. The technologies we use help us to provide our customers with accurate, affordable and fast results. Many contractors, particularly those who fall within the small to medium size category have encountered stumbling blocks when it comes to the production of digital terrain models.

See if you identify with any of the following scenarios that we have noticed as reasons for this stumbling block.

  • Deficiency of in-house expert personnel with experience and knowledge on terrain modeling
  • A good percentage of engineering firms do not support CAD systems as they prefer to perform their own lay out work
  • Many firms who use CAD need to clean up their files and convert it to the required format compatible with automatic machine control which is needed for terrain model creations.
How ORPAX can help you to overcome these stumbling blocks

We build terrain models at affordable cost in timely manner. Our terrain modeling will allow your organization to take advantage of a GPS based layout and machine control while enjoying the associated benefit of cost effectiveness. The absence of a need to recruit specialized in-house personnel and invest in terrain modeling software will be a great relief on your company overheads. With our state of the art product solutions you are also given the opportunity of facing up to the competition with contractors even bigger than your own company.

A terrain model replicates a fast overview of a specific landscape. Our team at ORPAX is capable of creating fascinating and beautiful works of models with their massive talents and extensive know-how. Their unique expertise lends a distinctive sense and touch to each portrayed landscape. Our solid terrain models are physical three dimensional models that users can view from any angle. They provide the opportunity for greater comprehension of the details presented where anyone can straight away absorb facts like distance, scale, sight lines, points of view, terrain etc. Our terrain modeling experts can create models of any shape, scale and size and in differing formats such as wall mounted, table tips or tiled.

We specialize in making terrain models for:
  • National and state parks: With the advent of latest technologies a large number of municipal, state, federal and city agencies managing national and state parks are investing on terrain models. We can provide optimum models integrating trails, sites of interest, demographics, structures, vegetation and other geological data in a physical model that will communicate information to all types of users very effectively.
  • Exhibition and Museum terrain models: We undertake projects to depict all kinds of models for exhibit purposes from historical places to personal landscapes with exquisite accuracy on replicating artifacts, creating artistic displays and displaying terrains.
  • Military terrain models; We can undertake models to communicate various elements of military requirements from mission planning, field operations, engineering to many others. Our models are easy to interpret and therefore facilitate quick and accurate communication and strengthen sensitive decision making processes.

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