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Data Integration and Analysis - ORPAX for an end to end solution

Data Integration and Analysis

When you select ORPAX for your data integration and analysis needs you are also ensured of receiving a service that characterize the next generation in data integration and data analysis tools. Our services are epitomized by the following attributes:

End to end data profiling

We have a variety of standard data profiling tools, features and quality controls. Our metadata repository is stocked with project metadata and data analysis results like role level and project level security and administration.

Competent content analysis
Business focus approach

The user interface we use is task based and therefore can be used by diverse business users for the reviewing and analyzing of data for changes over time and other anomalies. Our data integration and analysis tools take care of all the key functional and design requirements of developers.

Flexible, scalable and adaptable architecture

We have the capacity to manage high data quantities with analogue processing technology and use connectivity to retrieve an extensive range of targets and data sources.
Our information analyzing tools can automate the function of source data analysis while expediting the process of comprehensive data profiling. This process also helps in reducing the overall costs as well as resources utilized for critical data integration tasks. In order to provide our customers with a consistence, coherent, timely and accurate service we undertake the following responsibilities associated with data integration and analysis.

Data profiling and analysis

This is an important task containing data examination to have a better understating of its dependency, redundancy and frequency and to authorize definitions and defined schema.

Data monitoring

Through this task we hope to uncover data quality problems within the source system procedure of data extraction and loading in to target systems. The authorization tools we provide will be useful for creating business metrics needs such as tracking over time.

Facilitation of integration process

This is executed with the aid of columns, tables, interrelationship and probable keys to aid the process of integration of design decisions.
Data analysis is a useful tool for ascertaining the structure and content of data before a specific project implementation. The continuous use of this tool will yield valuable insights and help in the process of data integration. Data integration inclusive of data matching and cleansing is a prominent part of the data analysis process. Data migration and integration involves moving data from one source to another target system. The process of data profiling supports the entire system in three critical stages.

  • Assessment of sources to define specific business requirement
  • Development and operation of testing to authorize successful data integration in to target systems
  • Design maps and reference tables from sources to target systems

A large number of firms depend on out of date source documentation and incompetent technical support to conduct their data integration and analysis work with the end result being laborious work which too often create more chaos and confusion within the organization. ORPAX can play a pivotal role in helping you to establish a smoothly functioning effective and efficient data integration and analysis system. Contact us for a no obligation consultation today.

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