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Raster and Vector Data Conversion - We have the best comprehensive solution

Raster and Vector Data Conversion

Raster and Vector are what is known as the basic data structures used for manipulating and storing graphical data and computerized images. These structures are primarily used by all major CAD and GIS software packages. The system facilitates vector data to be retrieved and analyzed on a raster image base. The raster and vector data conversion systems we have developed can be applied to a diverse need base. ORPAX's unique raster and vector data conversion methods is regarded as a key solution by many commercial, industrial, professional and scientific project managers. We have the resources to provide you with a powerful conversion format.

You can enjoy many benefits with raster and vector data conversion. Vector images are highly superior in terms of quality and presentation as they have no jaggedness or loss of detail. These data can be printed using any resolution and in any size or scale. It is easy to scale up or down the vector image without compromising on its quality effect. The vector artwork archives are used in a variety of newspapers, manuals, brochures and other printing matter.

Our services in this niche are useful for those who are involved in regular procedures of mapping, drawings, chart creations and other similar work. We implement the conversion process using a broad range of formats such as JPEG, PDF, IMG, PCT, TIFF, GIF etc. We can customize our services taking in to account each customer's specific requirement. We have a strict policy of never force fitting our valuable customers to comply with a standardized framework. ORPAX QUALTRA specialize in providing superior solutions in vector graphics, raster to vector converted logo vectorizations, vector clipart, vector stencils, vector web icons etc. We have the necessary expertise and professional know-how to conduct raster and vector data conversion to suit your engineering, construction, architectural and all other GIS needs.

The digitization benefits you can enjoy with our raster and vector conversions are:
  • Total accuracy
  • Provision of new files allowing editable final outputs in any CAD format including DGN, DXF, DWG.
  • Creation of any number of layers as per customer specifications
  • Separate layers are created for text, body, dimensions, centerlines, hidden lines etc
  • Text is individualized as a recognizable text part
  • Intact dimension and shown in separate layers
  • Hand drawn conversions allowing for cost efficiency
  • Feature extraction
  • Speedy turnaround
  • High quality photogrammetric
  • Spatial analysis
  • Local area planning
  • Utility map modelling
When you select ORPAX for your raster and vector conversions you can:
  • Create geodatabase lines, polygon features and shape files directly from a raster image
  • Clean unwanted images within a particular raster image before proceeding with the batch vectorization
  • Conduct interactive and batch mode data conversions
  • With raster snapping options create interactive tracing for more efficient and accurate results
Our services can be highly beneficial for:
  • Government agencies
  • Municipal authorities with town planning map requirement
  • Utilities
  • Natural resource agencies

With us you can be assured of receiving a top notch mapping and digitalization of vector data derived from raster maps and our services are optimally focussed for successful scientific analyses and specific GIS applications.

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