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Remote Sensing and Image Processing

Remote Sensing and Image Processing

Earth observation satellites are a good example of remote sensing and the tool has been used for a long time in a broad range of applications. With advancements made in sensor technology systems, it is now possible to conduct earth imaging tasks at an exceptional level of detail. With the advent of the new generation multi sensor system it has also invoked a new era for image processing thereby making room for the opportunity of integrating information and data from diverse sensor systems. Typically a remote sensing system would enable a consistent and repetitive view of the earth. This is most important to the process of observing the Earth system and consequences of human activities on earth.

We provide specialized services on remote sensing and image processing TO,
  • Agriculture
  • Mapping
  • Environmental assessments and observations
  • Change detection and observation
  • Forest carbon assessment
  • Nonrenewable resource explorations
  • Military surveillance
  • Meteorology
  • News media

When it comes to image processing we can provide you with high quality services of transferring raw data and information in to meaningful and useful information. With our image processing services you can access digital image based data with an enhanced and easily analyzable output. The output can be requested in either grey scale or color format as per client's need.

We provide specialized services on remote sensing and image processing ON,
  • Improving the features of concentration
  • Pattern extraction
  • Image geometry alternations
  • Reduction of data volume
  • Noise deletion

We are consistently leveraging our position as a leading service provider of remote sensing technologies and image processing tasks to integrate a wide range of geospatial expertise to our customers. From data capture systems, radar sensors to other advanced types of geospatial integration and image processing work such as Microsoft mapping and collaboration technologies we at ORPAX will have a solution.

With our end-to-end systems, customized and innovative solutions which we continuously enhance with our considerable experience in the areas of remote sensing of data capture and optical and radar image processing we help change the way users acquire, visualize, analyze, distribute all types of geospatial information.

At ORPAX we constantly update and develop operational strategies and uses of remote sensing data to enhance the cost advantages of satellite imagery and the practical application of these systems. Our in-house development systems support all our aims and this unique attitude of ours has largely underpinned our success story as well as contributed effectively to our customer organizations. We are ready to share our innovative technologies with you. Join us for a most effective solution.

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