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Global Positioning System - To position your business in the next level

Global Positioning System
Finding out what GPS is about

GPS which stands for global positioning systems is defined as a satellite based navigation methodology which consists of a 24 satellite network positioned in orbit. When the US Defense Department initiated this system their sole intention was to use it for various military applications.

However, in 1980 the benefits of this system were made available for the civilians providing access to users from any part of the world on a 24 hour basis. GPS systems are compatible with all types of weather conditions and do not involve any set up or subscription charges.

GPS - The essentials

A GPS satellite has been programmed to circle earth twice within 24 hours and it moves in a precise orbit in order to transmit relevant signals to earth. The GPS receiving points based in various parts of the world absorbs the information and through a process of triangulation calculates the exact location of the user at any given time. A GPS receiver therefore, could compare the time when a particular signal has been transmitted by a satellite to the time in which it was received. This time difference will also indicate to the GPS receiver about the distance of the satellite. Similarly with more distance measurements from other satellites, a GPS receiver determines the user's location and transmits this information through a GPS unit's electronic map display.

ORPAX offers Global Positioning System services with a complete asset management platform that we have developed for the exclusive use of entrepreneurs. As one of the leading service providers in this niche we provide our valuable customers with a fully integrated asset tracking system that is geared for easy management through a user friendly administration panel. Select our global positioning system services and enjoy a multitude of features in multi language support. Our solutions are perfect for those entrepreneurs looking to position their business in the next level. With state of the art tracking system we can provide a tailor made solution aimed to respond to all levels of customer's tracking needs while fitting in perfectly with their respective budgets.

Use of global positioning systems for tracking

One of the simplest techniques used in GPS is to enable a user who possesses a portable GPS unit to track their location at any given time and to help them in rectifying they are moving in the correct direction. GPS tracking devices can be used in combination with many other smart devices like phones or broadcast technologies such as the radio. The systems are highly useful for field work, defense sector as well as for personal household use, for instance in times when you need to keep track of a family member's whereabouts.

GPS installation in vehicles is a very popular trend at present. It discounts the need for a car navigation system and useful for protecting vehicles from potential thefts. The system can be used for precision travelling, obtaining pass alerts etc.

Global positioning systems possess diverse benefits in addition to the above, ranging from fleet coordination and tracking to many other consumer applications. With our customized solutions you will find endless options and a high quality asset management platform. Gain leverage of a comprehensive and all inclusive service with our quality backed global positioning systems.

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