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Orpax Qualtra is a growing company with diverse solution platforms. We understand the significance and value of forming relationships of strategic alliances. Already we have established several strategic partnerships with leading service providers within the industry and we thank all of them for being a driving force and a major contributor towards enhancing awareness of our solutions and services.

We know that strong partnerships will help our team to create stronger solutions for our customers. Therefore, we intend to approach the market with our valuable partners to implement and architect optimized solutions and services. Our combined goals will enable us to meet the dynamic changes in today's business patterns and help us to better understand the needs of our customers.

Therefore, we invite partnership alliances with other companies who have the same level of dedication and passions as we have, who are involved in our associated trading niches and who are genuinely serious about pursuing and fulfilling the tremendous market demand we are presently witnessing. We are now interested in establishing partnerships with individuals, companies and groups from across the globe with considerable market exposure but without the necessary human strength to execute their projects or service message, those with a niche market product aligning with our expertise and we look forward to being of service as a unique and outstandingly capable outsourcing hub for those in need of our services. Together, we can share our resources to carry a mutual message to a wider audience across the world.

We are committed in developing productive and meaningful partnerships that will guarantee a continued growth as well as adoption of our unique solutions and technologies on a global context and which in turn would create successful business opportunities linked with OQ.

Our strategic partners should have the capacity to tackle the market competently, add value to OQ solution range and have the effective resources to deliver Orpax Qualtra solutions to end users while at the same time benefit through our marketing and outsourcing services to promote their own niche services and products.

Our partnership advantages
  • Seamless access to a rapidly growing market place with desirable profit margins
  • Exposure to sophisticated and world class solutions and services with speedy implementation options
  • Complete project security

Together, let us create valuable partnerships that will engage customers while delivering them with a much needed service. Join us to build value globally through innovative solution marketing.

We take extensive measures to ensure that our customers and partners are matched suitably and connected optimally so they could enjoy mutual benefits to the maximum. We seek partners representing world's acknowledged technology innovations with the competency to deliver and promote our expertise, know-how, full cycle software and hardware solutions. We have no geographical boundaries or scales, our partners can be from any part of the world with a marked reputation for providing quality and high standard services within their locality.

We ensure providing our partners with the highest visibility level, support and backing as they engage in pursuing strategic opportunities that will be exclusively available for the Orpax Qualtra partners.

Together lets create valuable partnerships that will engage customers while delivering them with a much needed service. Join us to build value globally through innovative solution marketing.

Services & Domains

IT Services

Cloud Computing, Full Stack Development, Mobile App Development, Smart City Applications, Data Analysis Tool, AI Bots.

GIS Services

GIS Mapping and Digitization, Data Base Development, Terrain Modelling, Digital Elevation Model, Web GIS Application.

Digital Marketing and Designing

Social Media Marketing, SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Google Ads, Creative and Concept Designing.