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Smart City Applications

Smart City Applications
  • IoT systems for smart city applications.
  • Applications for waste management, parking management, street lighting, traffic management, efficient water supply, energy-efficient buildings and reliable public transports.
  • Integration of sustainable development with technology.
  • Promote development, employment, wealth, education and social welfare initiatives.

Smart City is one of the initiatives of the Union Government of India. This initiative aims to make the Indian cities smart and intelligent on several parameters of lifestyle. It focusses on providing more reliable and advanced methods of waste management, traffic management, parking management, and street lighting among others. It is a framework to make cities more sustainable. IoT plays a major role in creating a robust infrastructure for smart city applications. Our expertise lies in creating advanced IoT systems for tasks like waste management and traffic management. We make use of advanced sensors, networking, and software development skills to create the best IoT solutions to deploy in smart city initiatives. Our smart city services are centred around our efforts to provide better opportunities to promote development, employment, wealth, education, and social welfare initiatives. We make sure that all the data that we gather from smart city projects is highly secured behind a robust firewall to prevent any misuse or abuse of this data. Our projects are designed and executed with the concepts of sustainable development in mind, without any damage to the environment. We have also expertise in pollution management to keep the pollution levels in check. We have developed applications for Efficient water supply, energy-efficient buildings, and a reliable public transportation system among other implementations to contribute to making the city a truly smart city. We are constantly upgrading ourselves to integrate the latest technologies like blockchain and fintech with our smart city applications to adapt to the changing needs of the city. We aim to make the urban lifestyle to be based on the integration of technology with sustainable development goals to make sure we make the world a better place.

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Cloud Computing, Full Stack Development, Mobile App Development, Smart City Applications, Data Analysis Tool, AI Bots.

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GIS Mapping and Digitization, Data Base Development, Terrain Modelling, Digital Elevation Model, Web GIS Application.

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Social Media Marketing, SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Google Ads, Creative and Concept Designing.