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Land Information System � We provide customized solutions

Land Information System

ORPAX retains leading edge industry leverage in providing integrated solutions for the delivery and maintenance of real time property information. Our scalable and high quality land information systems are comprehensive with tailor made solutions for all your land information needs. Our administrative, database, desktop and web based outputs can be easily integrated with a business application to derive an optimum and complete enterprise solution. As your trusted solution provider we ensure a streamlined and integrated business process within out centralized data service that will enable the production of a comprehensive, authoritative, secure, open and accurate electronic register pertaining to land ownerships integrating all geospatial cadastral information and data. Our competent team makes sure that all solutions created by them meet with the end result of meeting success with current, accurate and reliable information.

Why choose ORPAX for you land information system?

- Our quality enterprising solutions

Our land information systems contain rigorous and comprehensive methodologies relevant for the description of existing and intended structures of an organizatio's information systems and pertaining processes. Our intention is to pave the way for organizations to achieve their core goals with strategic directions. We have a policy of offering a service that goes beyond the simple provision of information technology as we endeavor to address ultimately successful business practices via the introduction of sound business architecture systems. Our systems are directly relevant to addressing productivity and performance.

- Centralized information services

With our centralized information services, our customers can produce and maintain land titles and cadastral data information within an inclusive and centralized spatial database environment. This facility will enhance system administration processes and efficiency in accessing data. As we have evolved an open architecture system, customers can link current databases along with third party information and applications relating to financial, land administration and assessment data within the same system.

- Quality Assurance

Our land information systems are complete with all inclusive sets of data productions, validation and maintenance tools. We have taken maximum steps to ensure provision of a quality data source with total integrity. Our quality assurance process has been further boosted with our ORPAX workflow management models which have the capacity of linking all business processes with the cadastral offices and registries.

- Accurate transaction management

Our applications are backed by transaction logs. The backup information also has the option of periodic review and evaluations so that the system can be evaluated for performance and possibility of improvement of performance. Also the connection of client transaction with diverse cost models allows the cadastral offices and registry to realize a nourishing business environment based on our quality services.

ORPAX's land information systems are focused on providing public and private sector enterprises the ability to unlock their commercial value, captured within the hard copy data information as well as the current digital data. This provision would pave the way for better forecasting, planning and problem solving. With our end-to-end customized and innovative solutions which we continuously enhance with our considerable experience we guarantee in providing you with an industry leading Land Information System service.

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