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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Clearance maps for industries, National Highway Projects etc.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
We offer the best in-house expertise

With a view of aligning activities with the code of beliefs pertaining to the global sustainable development policy it has now been realized on a universal level that all development endeavors should be harmonized with the environment and ecology conservation policies. In this order, the significance of Environmental Impact Assessment better known as EIA is brought to prominence as never before in the history.

EIA is regarded as an important and essential tool for assimilating diverse environmental concerns within the development process. The tool is equally helpful in the decision making process.
The overall objective of EIA is to address and foresee potential environmental hazards at an early level of design and planning. In order to achieve this objective the EIA clearance maps takes precedence in terms of importance.

Our EIA clearance maps and related services are targeted for the industrial sector, residential, commercial and other areas like national highway projects etc. We have competent professionals with wide expertise in their chosen domains. With their help we can provide our customers with a reliable and timely service of EIA clearance mapping. ORPAX provides a full range of EIA clearance services and we have already undertaken projects on numerous assessments under a wide range of jurisdictions. Our staff has their fingertips on the subject in order to stay current with latest developments, trends and regulatory requirements in this niche.

We are a leading edge company in environmental impact assessment clearance maps with considerable experience in projects related to national highway systems, power lines, pipelines, access roads and other environmental reclamation and mitigation projects. We continuously harness our expertise within our internal specialists and do not hesitate to obtain the service of our loyal network of various independent contractors when ever the situation demands for it.

We conduct full life cycle environmental clearance mapping from the project conceptualization to planning through the integration of regulatory applications to the completion of the project. Our specialties in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Clearance section can be categorized as follows:

  • Strategic regulation advice
  • Environmental logistics and project planning aid
  • Documentation and presentation
  • Route selection for highways, power lines, pipelines,
  • Least impact route analyses

And many more..
We have a commendable history of having been involved in major environmental planning projects and therefore, our staff has extensive experience of attending to diverse inquiries of our customers with regard to EIA clearance maps. With our intimate experience and knowledge of EIA clearance procedures we can offer you with an authoritative and cost effective consultancy service guaranteed to assist you in the process of securing planning permissions.

We have a proven track record for providing optimum quality work with on time and on budget considerations. Our expert services are always sharply focused on the end result and contain a balanced perspective of the overall picture. We have built an impressive contact base among government, industry, academic and non government agencies.

Contact us today for a leading edge technology service for all your EIS Clearance map requirements.

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