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Explore the power of displaying data via professional high quality maps

Desktop and Web GIS application

ORPAX offers an integrated collection of Desktop and Web GIS applications software products to help you create complete GIS based solutions tailor made to fit in with the needs of your organization. The ORPAX GIS framework has been developed to enable our customers to deploy both business logic and GIS functionality whenever and wherever it is needed. Be it for desktops, web services, custom applications or mobile devices we can provide you with an optimum service.

ORPAX Web GIS applications

We provide the resources for map publication on the internet with spatial analysis and powerful visualization. With our innovative tools we guarantee that users across a wide expanse of organizations can reap the benefits from the shared web GIS applications we provide.

When you select us as your web GIS provider you can enjoy the following advantages.

  • We provide true linear scalability to espouse a wide range of users
  • Our web based GIS applications could be custom tailored
  • The GIS applications can be accessed through your web browser
  • Reduced ownership costs via centrally managed web GIS applications

Our comprehensive GIS functionality and total solutions backed by outstanding performances, makes ORPAX the ideal service for people searching for internet based GIS applications. We have closely followed the trends to painstakingly develop a rich and high quality set of geoprocessing and visualization features. Our solutions can help your organization to make a new era in GIS by moving it to a new phase of accessibility to all members in your organization from the current isolation of one professional GIS workstation. With seamless access to web GIS applications and its unlimited opportunities, organizations with vast number of employees in call centers as well as other mobile based workers and the organization management, can retrieve important geographic data much faster and smarter helping them to streamline and strengthen their effective decision making process.

ORPAX Desktop GIS applications

The ORPAX desktop GIS applications contain a rich set of geometry calculations and display option with a long range of unique advantages for the user. The specialized features and options we offer through our desktop GIS applications include smart labeling, dot density, charts, thematic shading and image support. We have developed a desktop GIS application system that can be used by any company around the world in their GIS mapping and visualization objectives.

We offer complete solutions for:
  • The creation of customized mapping and desktop GIS application needed to fulfill customer oriented specific tasks and requirements
  • Embedded mapping components vital for augmenting the quality of existing applications
  • Building of lightweight data view applications

Our desktop GIS applications are compatible in exploring the innovative world of open source GIS based software and we give a comprehensive guide to navigate and utilize the many features and options available.

If you need to integrate your company with the next generation GIS technology, join hands with ORPAX. We can help you to discover your specific GIS user requirements and accordingly lay the foundation so that you can decide on the GIS solution that best fit your own organization.

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