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Make Your Website Succeed by Considering Web Usability

Web usability is a term used to describe the ease of use and accessibility of a certain website. This is to ascertain that all the aspects of the website work well and is compatible with any kind of browser and operating system. There are some factors we emphasize on at, which determine if a website is user friendly and applicable for almost all users regardless of their computer and online knowledge. After development of the website, you should first check the web usability before you can release the site to all your customers. First you have to check the ease at which a user navigates through the pages, you should not have some broken links and every one of them should direct the users where they expect.

Our websites always cater for these usability aspects and we work hard to make sure that visitors find what they want without tracing back by using creative anticipation of what the user will do.

A good website should not have loading problems no matter what browser the user is using. Websites developed by ORPAX QUALTRA take care of this. Web usability mainly depends on anticipation and the developer should be creative enough to know what the user will want to do and at what point. The following is what we offer at

         • We ensure that all pages are fast in loading to avoid keeping an impatient client waiting, which could lead them to navigate away. Web          usability also involves ease of reading and appropriate font sizes, which are both attractive and convenient for their task. The contact          information should also be displayed correctly so that the user can easily have access to it. If your website is one on which you make          sales, then you must ensure that replies to the purchaser’s email address are sent fast to confirm the purchase and payment details.

         • Appeal and User interaction - To some extent we also consider appeal and user attraction on the interface as one of the aspects in          usability and normally we will make the website attractive to increase the traffic. Incorporation of flash movies and graphics plays a          great role on the attention of the user and most of them tend to spend more time on the website if it is attractive. However, the graphics          and text quality should be related to the website’s theme and should not be extravagant.

         • Customer feedback - Feedback on your website is something you should not overlook as most of the customers are looking for          reviews before they can use a website. To have effective reviews and feedback, we always advise the website owners to let the          reviewers do what a conventional customer would do like buying a product so that they write on important aspects. Web usability is the          most important factor that matters to us at ORPAX QUALTRA; it is like the user interface on common applications,          which should work the correct way and effectively.

The best method of creating a website that is recommended for website owners by ORPAX QUALTRA is to test the website before they can release it. A few customers could use it and write reviews, which would generate the problems that other customers are likely to face. If a problem has been repeated so often in the reviews, we advise the website owner to correct it so that other website visitors will not experience the same.

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