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Performing Web Redesign to Keep Your Website Up to Date

Since the technology used in the internet keeps changing at a fast pace, it is important to keep updating your website. The way people shop from the internet has changed a lot and you will find that people expect to pay the amount of money needed to purchase a product through the internet and have the product delivered to the place they choose. It is possible that your site may have been designed before applications such as ‘pay bill options’ and ‘add to cart’ were available. Since these applications are now available, your website should be able provide these facilities to buyers. At ORPAX QUALTRA, we help keep your site up to date by performing web redesign so that you eliminate the risk of buyers abandoning your site.

Redesigning your site is an important part of developing and maintaining your website. It is mandatory for you to do this if you want to continue running your site efficiently and be able to compete.

When it comes to redesigning your site, there are a number of things that we consider. One of them is the changes that have taken place in web culture. We know the kind of facilities that buyers look for when buying products online. The other thing we consider is how the goals for your website have changed. We also look further than this by considering your business model, your marketing strategy, your niche, corporate identity and budget. Considering these issues first is essential before moving to a revitalized or new web project.

When performing web redesign, we also consider everything related to running a website such as the database/script platform that the website will be built on, the domain and hosting. We also look at the web design and whether its content is relevant to the visitors that it will get. There is a lot to gain from using our services to redesign your site and examples of benefits include the following. One is that you will be able to look at domains that are relevant for your presence on the web and redirect the old domain preferences that you had using a 301 redirect. This is to make sure that all search engine results you make will find their corresponding link on your redesigned site.

By using our web redesign services, your site will have an overall fresh look. You can keep the design of your site simple and clean in order to ensure that it looks attractive for a long time to come. You will also be able to expand the design of your website after we redesign it. Another benefit you get is that you can be able to update its content. We can move old content into an archives area and add new content that is enriched freshly with keywords and search terms that are up to date.

A web redesign will also allow you to improve the menu and navigation. A major aspect of a redesign is to review the supporting navigation and menu systems. The other thing is that you can be able to refresh the images and photos found on your site. As we redesign your site, we make it possible for you to update the platform of your website into a CMS. If your site currently operates on CMS, you can update it to the latest version so as to make sure that it is secure, compatible and functions effectively.

Redesigning your website will also offer you the opportunity to keep search engine optimization up to date. You can also get rid of the flash introduction and add a custom video clip. Our web redesign services can transform your website in a great way and make it even more powerful than a new site.

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