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Turn Your Travel Business Plan into a Reality with Travel Portal Development

The current competition strategies laid out by different companies continue to benefit customers with convenience and better customer care platforms. Such a revolution has been witnessed in the travel industry and many travel agencies are now in the rush for professionals with the required skill for travel portal development. This creates an important travel plan that would be unique and appealing so that they are able to retain a profitable business profile. At ORPAX QUALTRA we provide such services and we have professionals who are not only willing but dedicated to create portals that would ensure increased revenue.

Apart from travel portal development, we also offer real estate portal development inclusive of others like e-commerce. We offer the solutions so that they effectively cover all the conditions presented by the client; this is to allow for creative imagination from the client which is put into reality by our professionals. There are many aspects that are entailed in the travel portal including air, hotel and motor booking.

Here are some strategies and methods that we use in travel portal development to create a user friendly environment and consequently generate more traffic for the client.

  • One of them is a system that eases international and domestic ticket booking. We develop a web based application that connects to the GDS through API and collects air tickets from an inventory. The air tickets will be published on the front page in attractive GUI formats. When a user selects one of them the choice will be redirected to the payment gateway for payments processing. It is effective and users can book their tickets from the portal instead of searching for an air travel website.

  • Like we do with the freight companies, our applications have the capability to search for hotels with nice offers and list the tariffs on a page. A user can pick an option from preference and the request will be redirected to the payment gateway so that all payments are processed. Like it would dawn on you, our travel portal development allows your customers to make all their bookings from one platform.

  • The holiday packages are something else we put into consideration during development. All holiday packages will be designed in accordance to client specifications and on user selection, they are redirected to the payment gateway.

  • Car booking is also possible from the travel portal; the applications will search from the API and give results on the best options available in different cities across the world. When a user selects one of them, the request is redirected to the payment gateway for processing.

  • Our travel portal development also accounts for bus booking. Like with all other bookings, it will search from the API and give results for the best bus options in particular cities and a selection made by the user is redirected to the payment gateway for processing.

  • We consider certain factors each time a client wants a travel portal developed by ORPAX QUALTRA. First, all the applications must be appealing not only in appearance but also in matters pertinent with functionality. Navigation is also crucial and the user should have an easy time accessing all the applications available on the portal.

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