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Mobile Based Web Standards Enable the Viewing of Your Website on Mobile Devices

Mobile based web standards are an example of the specifications set in by a body such as the W3C regarding how a technology or language works. When a site or its web pages comply with web standards, the site or pages usually have valid JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Since the late 1990s, there have been industry web standards that have been accepted for mobile development. The mobile based web standards that are accepted in these modern times continue evolving along with

mobile devices.

Mobile based web standards regularize the development of applications connected on the internet in order to be viewed on mobile devices such as tablet PCs or smartphones that are connected to the internet through wireless networks. Due to the small size of mobile phones, usability problems exist and you will find that interoperability issues arise. They result due to the browsers used in mobile phones, mobile operating systems and the platform fragmentation of mobile devices.

For this reason, it is challenging to perform web design for the mobile web and that is why you need to have a professional handle this for you. We can create for you a website that will comply with mobile based web standards. You can reach as at where we provide numerous web design services. We comply with the W3C web initiative that serves the purpose of making the development of web applications for mobile gadgets accessible and reliable.

There are guidelines regarding mobile web design that have been published by the W3C and they seek to address the problem of device diversity through the establishment of technology that supports a repository of device descriptions. The W3C also has a mobileOK scheme that assesses the readiness of the content that is designed for the mobile web. This is important because it helps us determine if your content is web ready.

When it comes to developing web pages for use with mobile devices, some designers struggle as they try to accommodate various screen resolutions and sizes. This struggle is necessary to ensure that the site created can be accessed by large numbers of people. The mobile web is similar to this and is in fact more challenging because there are a large variety of screen sizes to develop websites for than with traditional desktop designs.

At, we know that designing for the mobile web is more about deciding on what is valuable to the website and what can be expended in this format. We therefore focus on the removal of extraneous elements and think about what is valuable to the core of the website. Since phones come in different shapes, sizes, web capabilities and operating systems, we consider this as we develop sites for mobile platforms. If you want to have a website that caters to Android based phones, iPhone and Symbian OS, we can enable you to cover eighty five percent of your potential market.

We put the forethought in building sites that comply with mobile based web standards and this allows them to be useful for many of the mobile devices available in the market. Many of the people who will be able to view your site on mobile devices will have an experience that they can rate as being tolerable or even elegant.

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