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HR management Solutions

Are you having a problem in your hands in the form of your struggling HR division? Do you like to make your HR department even more efficient than it is at present? At ORPAX you will come face to face with an entry level total solution that provides you with all the key essentials required for a first class HR management solution process. We introduce just one centralized database that is all you need to cut down on the time consuming paper and clerical work. See how you can transform your business with a better and effective management

system that track, manage and report your employee data in supreme efficiency.

ORPAX has the resources of arming you with robust and quality tools needed for the management of key employee information and data including their respective skills, education levels, insurance benefits and other vital statistics. Find out what we have in store for you in our unique HR Management solutions:

    - Accessibility to a single point of truth containing all information and records of past and present employees
    - Manage absences of all types including leave, paid time off, FMLA leave etc.
    - Keep track of unlimited benefit plans by defining respective eligibility criteria, calculating costs and comprehensive benefits program        administration
    - Customized HR solutions with tailor made processes, menu bars, reports, screens, fields, toolbars and actions for total effectiveness
    - Ability to import and export critical human resource information to be used in user friendly spreadsheets or even shared with various        other payroll and HR software applications
    - Integration with other relations solutions such as payroll processing, training managements, data monitoring, web based recruiting,        organizational charting etc.

Now you have a better understanding of how ORPAX can enhance the strategic significance of your organization.

By leveraging our powerful solutions for analysis and reporting your company management will be in a position to speedily evaluate the critical areas of functionality such as turnover rates, performances, salary particulars etc. We are determined to bring you total peace of mind with a supreme service complete with multilevel security options and sophisticated yet simple user friendly processes that will help you to control vital information and data. You can then easily provide access to such information to various identified groups within the organization.

Our Strength in providing you with total quality HR Management Solutions lies in our competent professional team comprising vastly skilled implementation specialists, Human Resource strategists, decision makers and many other HR Experts all competent in handling a wide scope of HR business needs.

Your key gains by making use of our HR Management Solutions

    - Cut down the HR department workload in half
    - Improve department efficiency with a regulated and streamlined HR process
    - Secure accessibility of sensitive HR information
    - Aid the decision making process of the management
    - Enhance overall business strategies
    - Boost employee performance through a process of enhanced employee collaboration
    - Step up ROI by decreasing administrative costs
    - Introduce a solid and efficient recruitment process in the company

Your path to achieving strategic business objectives via a systematic HR Management Solution is within reach. Make your move now.

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