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GUI designing

According to the Wikipedia, the definition of the GUI design is "(It) is a place where interaction between humans and machines occur". This definition is intrinsically accurate as it relies on the literal meaning of the words that comprise the term. Although "user interface" is just the place where communication occurs, therefore the fraction that is exposed to the user, it is a general misunderstanding to analysis "user interface design" as a process that purely acts upon this element that's uncovered to the user.

The history of GUI designing

In 1980’s the GUI was originally introduced by the Xerox's Star computer. Xerox's Star computer was followed by several companies like Apple, Microsoft, IBM, and Sun. After its introduction to the market, the GUI was extremely popular as it made the things really better to use. However, there was a problem.

It was lack of standards at that time. But soon, IBM's CUA standards (Common User Access) had brought about the detailed list of design standards for the programs which are based on the GUI.

General application user interface guidelines

         • Always use cool icons, buttons and graphics.

         • Experimentation with the colors is important.

         • Interactive sound is also very much important.

         • Do not use any OS-native graphical controls or widgets.

         • Disable the window management when possible.

         • It is always better to use some creative ideas for a ‘save as’ dialogue.

         • Avoid including a preferences or options dialog.

How GUI designing services can make a system useful?

         • Manual software is not included as these days users are smart to figure out this kind of thing on their own.

         • The documentation is included so that there will be no need for the printed manual.

         • It saves paper work a lot by putting the installation instruction on the CD-ROM.

         • Through GUI designing services, you can keep your file simple!

         • For any sort of program error, warning, question, and information messages proper guideline and explanation is provided.

         • It ensures the proper display of information and question messages as much as possible.

         • It provides a detailed HELP file.

A GUI may be designed to serve various purposes. This is called as "application specific graphical user interface". Some examples of GUI specific applications are:

         • Checking out self-services in a retail store.

         • ATM or Automated teller machines.

         • Self ticketing and check in for the airlines.

         • Kiosks in the public places, like railway station.

Platform Skills

Windows-NT, Windows 2000, Windows

98 and Windows 95

SGI-Indy and O2, Sun Solaris, HP-UX



Microsoft Technology

OLE/COM, Active-X


VC++, Visual Basic

Applications based on MS-Office Suite

Dot Net technology(Frame work 2.0,3.5)

C#, VB.Net and ASP.Net

Share Point Application Development


Oracle 8.0 and Oracle 8i, Developer 2000, SQL Server 2000,Sql Server 2005




My Sql

Java based solutions

Cross-platform Java solutions

Web based programming

Beans Java scripting, JSP

Java Servlet

GIS & Remote Sensing

MAPINFO, ARCINFO, AUTOCAD MAP, CARIS (CARIS GIS, Spatial Component Framework), MapX, MapXtreme, ASP Map EasiPace, ERDAS, Geometric

Web Site Designing

HTML Design

XHTML Design

Web 2.0 Standard Design

Reporting Tools

Crystal Report XI

SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services


Web Service

Windows Service

Securities Solutions

Document protection

Dynamically Password Protected PDF Generation


XML Integration

UPS, FedEX, USPS Integration


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