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What to Gain from the E-commerce Solutions that we Offer

The innovation of mobile devices for communication has seemingly taken over all other communication methods. It is anticipated that there are more than five billion cell phone users in the world today and most of them are actively using them to text or just browse the web. Although the text service was initially popular with the social sites and for friendly purposes, the trend has been taken over by other things such as electronic commerce. This has led e-commerce solutions specialists like us at ORPAX QUALTRA to focus on creating sites that are viewable on mobile phones.

We understand the pain and inconvenience experienced by an entrepreneur who has an ineffective online business. There is dire need to contact the right professional who will help you implement convenient e-commerce solutions for your business to run smoothly. Remember that a simple mistake especially on the online market causes considerable losses, which might not be retracted.

Here are some of the great benefits anyone would get if they considered ORPAX QUALTRA for their e-commerce solutions.

  • One is reliable technical support. It can be very frustrating for an ambitious entrepreneur to realize that something is going wrong with their software and creating unreliable situations like failure to charge customers for the shipping fee. The mistake might have occurred while the system was running and the best thing one would do was to call the company responsible for providing their e-commerce solutions who might neglect their duty. At ORPAX QUALTRA, technical support is always ready and a problem will be corrected immediately.

  • Live chat software has become a necessity for any person running an online business. Most customers want replies that come immediately after they pose a query which helps them make purchase decisions. If you do not have such a utility on your sales website then many of your customers will navigate away to sites where they can get immediate help on what they are buying. We offer this service too at ORPAX QUALTRA.

  • It is now a fact that many people prefer to buy from the internet instead of taking the trouble of standing in an endless queue in the traditional malls. E-commerce solutions are convenient for both the merchant and the customer and this creates great necessity for the right software. Many of the clients for whom we have developed systems appreciate their quality and appeal.

  • Emergencies will always be there in any live set up and business is one of them, anything might happen and it could be a bottleneck to the performance of your business. At ORPAX QUALTRA, we have recovery strategies, which include a backup system that will take over if the default is experiencing problems. It is always important to have such measures to avoid risking some of your customers to alternative competitors.

  • The increase in the number of people using their mobile devices and their PCs to shop, opens up a rich market for almost any product. E-commerce therefore continues to thrive with the idea that you can have customers from any location of the world. It is therefore important to choose your shopping cart provider carefully for a smooth running.

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