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Digital Photogrammetry – The way to seeing the world with better clarity

ORPAX brings you world class solutions in digital photogrammetry, allowing our customers the opportunity of seeing the world with better clarity. We use state of the art software, open and flexible solutions as a pioneering provider of digital photogrammetric solutions. Photogrammetry software is now used in a broad scale from government and military operations to commercial organizations in a worldwide spectrum in order to acquire distribute and use specific imagery for a variety of reasons. Our geospatial digital photogrammetry solutions reflect a common operating scenario that

would enable many organizations to augment protection and manage their important geospatial assets and relevant infrastructure. We have combined the latest technology with our trademark specialties of accuracy and flexibility to deliver our customers with a range of robust surface models and the uniqueness of our service is that it takes only a fraction of the time that would take for a similar service using traditional film based approaches.

We provide turnkey software and hardware solutions on digital photogrammetry. What ever your need is on photogrammetry systems, be it production of maps, retrieval of geographic information or digital terrain modeling, we can provide you with a superior solution. We ensure all our products and solutions are created with the assurance of best level of accuracy and detail through put stretching to all stages of the product life cycle.

Our competitive strength in digital photogrammetry

We also provide solutions to intelligence and military based operations with geospatial intelligence information on a worldwide basis. Our services in this range include feature integration, image processing, elevation of data conforming to mission critical requirements. From image processing and data collection, to data integration and product generation and data management, we guarantee offering you with an industry leading technology service. You can rely on us to capture and process sensitive information and data and to help organizations in the process of efficient and effective management of respective sensitive data to achieve an end result of productive decision making process and efficient communication systems.

Explore our comprehensive website to find out how we can benefit your organization vastly with our integrated digital photogrammetry systems. We share with our customers the latest technological standards and those who partner with us have the added benefit of discovering the best industry practices.

ORPAX Digital Photogrammetry product range

        • Thematic and topographical maps
        • Stereo compilation
        • Orthorectified photographs
        • Image enhancements and advanced image processing techniques
        • High tech High precision raster tagging and georeferencing
        • Change detection
        • Customization of WCS image server
        • Developing DTM, DEM and DSM and editing on both automatic and manual systems
        • Aerial adjustments and triangulation
        • Interior and exterior orientations
        • Development of digital elevation models
        • Feature extraction
        • 3D GIS development and change detection
        • Terrain modeling
        • Flythrough models
        • Color balancing
        • 3D model generation

And many more…..

Digital photogrammetry reflects a rigorous combination of science, technology and art for the purpose of extracting reliable details about identified physical objects and the interior and exterior environment via a technical process of recording, interpreting, measuring and image processing of electromagnetic radiant energy. Our customized world class solutions make us the best choice for all your digital photogrammetry needs.

Platform Skills

Windows-NT, Windows 2000, Windows

98 and Windows 95

SGI-Indy and O2, Sun Solaris, HP-UX



Microsoft Technology

OLE/COM, Active-X


VC++, Visual Basic

Applications based on MS-Office Suite

Dot Net technology(Frame work 2.0,3.5)

C#, VB.Net and ASP.Net

Share Point Application Development


Oracle 8.0 and Oracle 8i, Developer 2000, SQL Server 2000,Sql Server 2005




My Sql

Java based solutions

Cross-platform Java solutions

Web based programming

Beans Java scripting, JSP

Java Servlet

GIS & Remote Sensing

MAPINFO, ARCINFO, AUTOCAD MAP, CARIS (CARIS GIS, Spatial Component Framework), MapX, MapXtreme, ASP Map EasiPace, ERDAS, Geometric

Web Site Designing

HTML Design

XHTML Design

Web 2.0 Standard Design

Reporting Tools

Crystal Report XI

SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services


Web Service

Windows Service

Securities Solutions

Document protection

Dynamically Password Protected PDF Generation


XML Integration

UPS, FedEX, USPS Integration


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