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GIS Mapping & Digitization – From your one stop GIS solutions provider

The rising obligations on information management and database linking of various geographic locations has created an enhanced necessity for comprehensive Geographical Information System better known as GIS. As more and more organizations venture in to this novel technology system they have identified the multiple benefits of a vastly improved management of organization resources. GIS has the capability of linking data sets in order of geographical locations and therefore, the system facilitates sharing of inter department communication and information which in turn leads to better productivity.

GIS mapping and digitization is a very important aspect of GIS and we at ORPAX have the resources to providing a fully automated service for all types of projects that require the modern GIS analysis and software tools. Technology on its own has no great value if it is not put in to practical use, managed and developed by properly qualified people who can apply them to real world situations. At ORPAX our dedicated and highly competent team of experts has achieved break through innovations in implementing GIS mapping and digitization applications integrating spatial data and other data resources.

We aim to become the global service provider of top notch GIS mapping and digitization solutions. Towards realizing this goal we have compiled a world class solution range for those companies requiring the services of spatial information in mapped and interpreted format. GIS mapping is more user friendly and flexible than the conventional cartography process. As we also have long term experience in map digitization we can ensure providing our customers with a highly reliable and high quality end product.

For a large number of geographic based operations the final result is best visualized in a map format. In addition, maps are storage efficient has higher representations and provide clear communication of geographic data. Our team of GIS professionals has put together new and exciting applications and tools aimed at extending the conventional art and science elements of cartography. We provide GIS mapping and digitalization services such as map displays included in reports, photographic images, 3D views and multimedia outputs etc.

Our unique GIS solutions have been put in to broad based use by many organizations for data management and presentation because of the flexibility and customized presentation techniques we have integrated in to each service output. We have created diverse GIS mapping and digitization services to suit a variety of client requirements.

Our digitization services

         • Paper map digitization
         • Tax map digitization
         • Onscreen digitization
         • Parcel map digitization
         • CAD Digitization

Our GIS mapping services stretch to…

         • Custom mapping
         • Shoreline mapping
         • Utility mapping
         • Parcel mapping
         • Municipal mapping
         • Wildlife and habitat monitoring
         • Reclamation activity mapping

And many mor…

With us you can be assured of receiving a top notch mapping and digitalization of vector data derived from raster maps and our services are optimally focused for successful scientific analyses and specific GIS applications. Contact us today for a leading edge technology service for all your GIS requirements.

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