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Business process Integration

At ORPAX we have a thorough understanding of the complexities involved in process management and integration faced by global publishing teams. That is why we have put our minds together to work out the best approach complemented by our extensive experience in implementing a variety of business process integration systems including back end infrastructure, integration of content systems, external systems and other underlying business processes vital for the use of our customers.

With our commitment and versatile talent in the sphere of business process integration we are ready to provide you with:

Rapid product planning and development

The production management solutions we have created are aimed at helping publishers to meet the rapidly enhancing workload challenges. We utilize fewer resources and we rely even less on any ad hoc systems or processes. However, we are competent in providing our clients with the most flexible workflows, collaborative solutions that synergize perfectly with the actions executed by authors, reviewers, contributors, suppliers and editors.

Streamline interactions with reputed and trusted partners and other suppliers

We are willing to ensure a smooth flow of metadata and other content among data sources and heterogeneous applications. We take our services one step higher at all time providing you with leveraged web services, high performance and interoperability standards to help all our publishers to liaise more effectively in their global partner relationships.

Perfect correlation of business context and product content

You cannot develop an innovative fresh product within a vacuum. They are created in the context of extensive research, forecasts, production information gathering, historical evaluations, sales and all other key data which are likely to reside beyond the content systems. At ORPAX you can be assured of receiving all the guidance you need to drive and optimize the business intelligence via lightweight integrations aimed at associating managed content along with back end systems that complements it.

Our resourceful team is exclusively qualified with the professional backing needed to deliver the best quality of content technology solutions needed for a total integration with a larger and more dynamic business ecosystem. We are committed to delivering measureable improvements to each and every related work process we undertake.

To ensure that our website deliver the promised best returns expected for your business we focus on the formula of supplying you with a business process integration that is easy to locate, use and manage.

Easy to Locate

We have developed a special world class SEO service to guarantee that your business would showcase to the world by appearing in none other than the first page of all the major search engines including Google. This is the first critical step we are focusing on to help you generate better sales and revenue.

Easy to Use

With the help you will be receiving from our professional team who are enriched by a talent for designing and development you will be having a winning product in your hand that will definitely stand out from other typical sites of your niche industry. We aim to make your site an absolute joy for the user with its effortless use that will transform every target visitor in your site as a repeat customer.

Easy to Manage

We are only concerned of providing manageable solutions by ensuring they retain the maximum simplicity even at the height of sophistication. ORPAX makes it possible for you to manage other service descriptions or import information from existing business systems such as job processing, contact management, project management etc.

So the Big Question is How can we help you with business process integration?

We bring you cost effective, competitive and smooth working packages in any of the following:

    - Managed services
    - Cloud Services
    - Consulting Services
    - Professional Services

Platform Skills

Windows-NT, Windows 2000, Windows

98 and Windows 95

SGI-Indy and O2, Sun Solaris, HP-UX



Microsoft Technology

OLE/COM, Active-X


VC++, Visual Basic

Applications based on MS-Office Suite

Dot Net technology(Frame work 2.0,3.5)

C#, VB.Net and ASP.Net

Share Point Application Development


Oracle 8.0 and Oracle 8i, Developer 2000, SQL Server 2000,Sql Server 2005




My Sql

Java based solutions

Cross-platform Java solutions

Web based programming

Beans Java scripting, JSP

Java Servlet

GIS & Remote Sensing

MAPINFO, ARCINFO, AUTOCAD MAP, CARIS (CARIS GIS, Spatial Component Framework), MapX, MapXtreme, ASP Map EasiPace, ERDAS, Geometric

Web Site Designing

HTML Design

XHTML Design

Web 2.0 Standard Design

Reporting Tools

Crystal Report XI

SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services


Web Service

Windows Service

Securities Solutions

Document protection

Dynamically Password Protected PDF Generation


XML Integration

UPS, FedEX, USPS Integration


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