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Ajax Development

AJAX is very important for development of dynamic website applications. It reflects changes in micro seconds by reloading time, improving usability, providing faster accessibility, to more web pages in lesser time. AJAX, short form for Asynchronous Java script and XML is a term which is known to all the professional web development service providers and web experts. It is a technology based on the Java Script and dynamic XML. It requests the server for updating the content of web pages, in order to make them user-friendly, simplified and respond faster to user's demands. AJAX is not a single technology as it comprises of various applications. It can be regarded as the sum of various applications. It is a very effective application for making the functionality of a website better.

Things can be done with the AJAX

          XHTML and CSS for marking up and standard-based presentation.

          Dynamic display and communication with the information accessible by means of the Document Object Model.

          XML and XSLT for data exchange amid the server and the customer.

          Asynchronous data exchange using XML http request with the web server.

AJAX and the traditional web applications

A traditional web application works like this:

          The user actions in the crossing point set off an HTTP demand to a web server.

          The server in turn processes task for retrieving the data and sends data to the browser while the user waits for recurring a whole HTML page.

The AJAX applications have solved major problems with the page reloading by updating the content only. They require to be updated, interacting in the DOM with dynamism, with asynchronous calls to the server, pulling the data and showing, devoid of the need of refreshing the entire page. With the help of the AJAX, the web pages can achieve a new level of interactivity.

Advantages of the AJAX

          Faster accessibility and response

          Less use of the bandwidth

          Works like a desktop application

          The pages can be refreshed dramatically

          The auto-suggest drop down helps to perform faster

          Bandwidth usage: With AJAX, you can load relative information or data as the payload is reduced to a small size.

          Separation of data, format, style and function.

Disadvantages of AJAX

There are some negative effects that are associated with the AJAX. The side effect of AJAX mainly includes browser integration, SEO, reliability on the Java Script and website analysis.

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