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W3C Standards and How they Affect Your Website

At ORPAX QUALTRA, we have most of our clients concerned about their websites being compliant to the set W3C standards. As a matter of fact, any business person with the intent to perform and prosper should be concerned since these are the standards that determine if your web pages are user friendly and easily accessible by the search engines. You might not particularly face trouble if your website is not compliant but it does affect your business leading to a drop in the traffic.

W3C standards are a kind of assurance for the site owners and if your website meets the conditions tested, you can be sure that your customers are enjoying a user friendly and convenient website. The test also determines if your website is appealing to your clients, which would lead to more traffic and increase in revenue.

The benefits are great, and all of them work in the direction of making your website a regular site for most people to visit.

One of the requirements that you need to meet before your website is compliant with the W3C standards is a code, which is easily readable by the search engines. This results in dominant indexing whenever a query is run. This is referred to as search engine friendliness, which determines how easily your page is displayed on the usersí browser when they enter a query relating to your website. It would be disappointing if your website fails to appear on most of the search engine results.

At ORPAX QUALTRA, we have put emphasis on compliance with all web browsers and this is also an aspect considered before your website is passed as being W3C compliant. Currently, there are many web browsers including Firefox, which seems to be taking over internet explorer. You therefore need to develop a website that will be displayed correctly notwithstanding the userís preference for a web browser.

W3C standards require that you have a website that is accessible even by disabled users. Actually, it is against the law to have a website that cannot be accessed by the disabled in the United States and the UK. Even if it were not illegal, you would be losing a group of customers if you excluded the disabled personalities as users who can effectively use your website.

Most of the clients who have had their websites developed at were grateful for the results since our web designers are professionals who know all the W3C standards and create websites, which are compliant. There are some languages that we recommend and they are HTML, CSS, XML, and XHTML. You will find out that some of them have some benefits not included in the others and mostly it depends on the function that the website is intended to serve.

Remember that you might have a website that is compliant with W3C but fails when in the use of a surfer or is too complicated for most of the users. It is always recommendable to see experts like us at who know all the tricks involved in web design and who will help you come up with competitive pages. It is a benefit and all the website owners should test for compliancy.

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